Raise awareness on emerging and important pro-poor development issues to ensure broader participation and to enable CSPR to advocate and lobby for change. Through constructive policy dialogue with state and other key stakeholders, CSPR will call for enhanced good governance. Further to manage information and communication from members and other program areas.


To effectively and innovatively generate and manage information to advocate for pro poor policy formulation and
implementation through engagement with state and non-state actors to promote good governance.


  • Facilitate the development of Information, Educational and Communications or Campaign (IEC) materials and use of ICT to promote creation of an informed citizenry that can use the information to dialogue with decision makers on issues affecting the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable people in Zambia;

  • Promote public debates on matters relating to governance and poverty issues affecting the poor and vulnerable people especially the women and children;

  • Engage media through issuing regular statements on issues of public interest and training to increase their level of awareness of, and reporting on governance, human rights and poverty issues impacting on the poor and vulnerable people;

  • Developing the capacity of civil society and communities across the country to enable them coordinate and advocate for pro poor policy formulation and implementation and to integrate community issues into government policies, plans and budgets.

  • Facilitate civil society participation in Formulation; Monitoring and Evaluation of the NDPs and quality of basic service delivery to enable the target beneficiaries have access to services that are meant to reduce poverty among the poor and vulnerable in Zambia.

  • Facilitate policy dialogue between CSOs, local communities, government and other relevant stakeholders on developmental issues to influence policy reforms.

  • Facilitate translation and simplification of national policy documents for advocacy and campaigns

  • Develop and operationalize relevant tools and strategies to guide internal and external communication.

Program Coordinator

Milazi M. K Shimaala