Many CSOs and citizens in general are rarely afforded with space to effectively contribute to national policies and development processes. Community views are either not listened to or not fully considered; this scenario brings about skewed development that favours those in government and the rich leaving out the poor. CSPR wishes to facilitate a platform for civil society and local community empowerment to effectively participate in governance systems for pro-poor development. CSPR also wishes to provide space for the local communities to present and put forward their views, concerns and aspirations. Most importantly CSPR wishes to build the capacities of its members based on their needs to effectively implement both CSPR and individual member strategies.


To build CSPR’s membership for enhanced information sharing, ideas and resources to effectively participate and engage in developmental process both individually and group


  • Promote effective collaboration between CSPR membership and government while building partnerships and/or strategic alliances and networks with likeminded organisations

  • Strengthen governance and leadership systems in CSPR’s membership and establish mechanisms for tracking progress and impact of the network

  • Coordinate civil society participation in the NDP formulation and monitoring of the implementation processes and; their poverty reduction activities

  • Profile Member Capacities and facilitate capacity development for CSOs and communities (grassroots) to fill the capacity gaps to effectively participate in development processes.

  • Create opportunities and space for national level engagements between grassroots based CSPR members and government on developmental challenges experienced at the local community levels.

Program Coordinator

Edward Musosa