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The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) is a civil society network that has been building the voice for poor in the fight against poverty. It was established in 2000, primarily to ensure that civil society effectively and meaningfully participates in the design, formulation and implementation of the National Development Plans (NDP) and further monitor the NDPs to ensure government provides a means by which Zambia can effectively strategize on reducing the escalating levels of poverty. Since the third quarter of 2000, and in response to an invitation from the Zambian Government, the civil society in Zambia has been participating in the process of formulating and monitoring the NDP for the country, and hence sought the need to form a network that would enhance the effectiveness of this participation. This move was mainly meant to: Coordinate and collaborate civil society’s participation in the NDP and thus ensure wider participation from all stakeholders; Disseminate and exchange information on issues of poverty reduction in general and the NDP in particular to local and international partners; Be the representative voice of civil society in lobbying government to exercise greater responsibility and good governance and thus extend the necessary political will and commitment to poverty reduction activities; and Strengthen lateral learning among civil society and therefore build financial and technical capacities among civil society and other stakeholders for them to fully engage in the PRSP development
CSPR Zambia
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" Crop Diversification has to be a reality" said the Minister of Agriculture when officiating at the CSPR-CTPD National Symposium on Agriculture in Lusaka yesterday. The Symposium has brought together Small Scale Farmers from all the Zambian Provinces, Government Ministries, Civil Society, the Youth, Children and Development Partners to discuss how Investments in Agriculture can benefit the small scale farmer and enhance crop diversification. Today is the last Day for the Symposium, so follow the discussions on Twitter via #ZambiaAgricSymposium
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CSPR Zambia
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CSPR Zambia
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CSPR Zambia
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Join us as we discuss Sustainable Diets and Crop Diversification at Radisson Blu Hotel, Lusaka
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CSPR Zambia
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Following increasing reports on school dropouts among girls due to teenage pregnancy and child marriages, CSPR has embarked on a project called "Promoting girl child education for national development".The project targets school girls, out of school girls, traditional and church leaders and community members.
CSPR believes that girls’ rights and gender equality don’t just impact girls and women, but everybody. “If you educate a man, you educate a person. If you educate a woman, you educate the nation”
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CSPR Zambia
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The Social Accountability Symposium was held from the 12th to 13th September under the theme "Improving Public Service Delivery through Citizen Participation" . CSPR Executive Director Patrick Kryticous Nshindano made a presentation on examining the key findings from the mapping exercise of social accountability in Zambia, including legal and institutional contextual issues and the scope of work being undertaken by various actors in Zambia.
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7th National Development Plan

Animation on 7th National Development Plan aimed at promoting citizen participation in shaping national development agenda.


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